Hi, I’m Abbi…The Artist & Photographer

Life is perfectly imperfect! Your life and your experiences make you who you are and I want to capture that!

A little about me
  • A little about me

  • I’m a wife and mama trying to balance life. I have fallen in love with the messy, raw and organic (joyful and vulnerable) moments of life. My husband and I have three amazing kids, Ella, Mirah and Cole and we live in Dubuque, IA.

    I have always loved photography but once I became a mom I found a whole new inspiration. I fell in love with all the little moments - the loud, the messy and the sweet. I had a whole new desire for what I wanted to treasure as a mom and that has driven my style and how I shoot. I seek emotion and connection. I also love depth and color. I want to capture what the moment feels like, not just what it looks like. I want my heart to leap as I'm shooting and know that this....yes, this moment right now will be treasured for years to come...

My Philosophy
  • My Philosophy

  • My goal as a photographer is to capture families just being. All moments. The quiet ones, the loud ones, the happy ones and the sweet ones. Every single thing that makes you a family, that’s what I want to see. I want my sessions to be fun and effortless, and for the most part, they are! We’ll laugh, smooch, hold hands and cuddle. I’m a sunset lover. In the summer, I’ll beg each and every one of you to put the kids down for late naps so you can meet me for our session after bed time so we can soak up every last minute of the glorious golden light. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later.

    My style is very dreamy, colorful, fun and emotional...I am inspired by you, the light, and the location, and I will direct you to produce the best photos! I don't take short cuts-I take my time to get to know you, your family, your kids, your fiancé...whoever you are, I want to see it, capture it and give it to you forever to keep. Every session is different, I don't follow a protocol or map out what poses I will do..I feed off of your individualized personality and capture who you are.

  • Location

  • I'm a midwest girl, born and raised! Dubuque, Iowa is my home! I love all of the seasons and can't imagine living anywhere else. Even more, I love the people!